World Market Access

Global Business Consulting helps clients solve the complex challenges that reside at the intersection of business operations and real estate. The World Market Access practice specialises in assisting companies internationally to reduce their costs, minimise their risks and improve their overall operating efficiencies by optimising the placement of their operations.

We work with large corporate occupiers to help them expand, redeploy, or consolidate their operations across the global marketplace. Our professionals assist your company in various ways, from a high-level, multimarket / country analysis to the development of site specific strategies.

These services include:

Market entry solution

We assist our clients across various sectors expand their current markets and/or enter into new geographical markets.

Office solutions

We create and implement portfolio-wide office occupancy plans and location strategies that will help you from start up to break down.


You need a team that that possesses a thorough understanding of industrial investment decisions that lower costs, maximise operational requirements, and minimise risks.


We can help in placing retail outlets in optimal locations that reach your target demographics, maximise sales, and minimise labour and real estate costs.

How We Can Help

Reach new markets

We advise our clients on specific locations where they can enter the market, where to establish their operations, how to plan the distribution network, how to customise the product offering for the local markets etc.

We translate financial and operating priorities into strategies that address a market’s local operational profile, its economic viability, and the competitive landscape. C&W helps our clients develop a go to market strategy and an implementable business roll out plan.

Reduce costs

Our expert advice can help you realign and relocate your business operations and logistics which will help to re-engineer your cost structure.

Operating efficiency

Our analysis of your current corporate real estate use and operations can help you identify opportunities to redeploy business functions to low-cost and low-risk locations, or simply point out efficiency loss areas that we help you to contain..

Optimise your footprint

Our proprietary tools and methods allow you to optimise the cost, operations and flexibility of an evolving portfolio to best align with your corporate strategy.

Recruit and retain talent

We help you identify and relocate to the labour markets where you can attract and retain the best talent at the lowest cost.

Rationalise cost-saving opportunities

Our team provides you with the data and analysis necessary to analyze and rationalise workforce requirements, business processes, location strategies and cost-savings initiatives.

Adding value – The Advantages Of Our Approach

Global network

Cushman & Wakefield has a network of more than 253 offices in 60 countries. We offer our clients the local market intelligence and access you need to make effective strategic decisions about your global business operations, platform and portfolio.

Comprehensive approach

Our comprehensive, proprietary approach gives our clients analysis tools and resources to make informed global site and portfolio decisions across the range of investment considerations.

Effective decision making

Our team can provide your organisation with the information support you need to rationalise and make effective global market choices based on real-time analysis and data.

Multi-disciplinary perspective

Our team members are drawn from the economics, management consulting, financial advisory, engineering and systems management industries. They originate from every corner of the globe, and bring a unique, informed perspective to produce creative solutions to our clients’ operational and real estate challenges.

Experience and Resources

Our business consulting team utilises our 253 offices in 60 different countries, and has helped numerous Fortune 500 companies achieve their operational and financial objectives; We have assisted our clients with the deployment of billions of dollars worth of assets and the creation of thousands of jobs.


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