Transaction Consulting

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Financial analysis

We prepare customised, detailed financial analyses based on clients’ specific internal metrics and/or external reporting requirements (e.g., cash flow impact, tax implications, GAAP/IFRS, break-even analysis, etc.). Analyses incorporate all costs that will impact potential occupancy alternatives, including capital expenditures and future escalations.

Strategic planning

We provide strategic planning and scenario development across a range of alternatives, addressing operating and financial considerations to develop the optimum real estate strategy aligned with each client’s defined business objectives.

Market analysis

We analyse real estate markets and labour force dynamics, including evaluation of demographic and commutation factors for multiple scenarios, to identify occupancy alternatives that meet each client’s workforce requirements.

Adding Value – The Advantages Of Our Approach

Customised modelling

We use proprietary economic models to identify the financial, accounting, and tax implications that support overall strategy development and transaction execution.

Innovative approach

We use a dynamic consultative approach with detailed financial analysis and real time market information (provided by an on-the-ground network of brokerage professionals) to deliver streamlined, fully developed real estate recommendations.

Experience and Resources

The unique combination of the business, financial, and transaction management skills of our Transaction Consulting professionals, coupled with the market knowledge, transaction expertise, and negotiation skills of the Leasing Group, enables Cushman & Wakefield to develop and implement sophisticated strategies to meet all of our clients’ real estate needs.



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