Retail Consulting

Retail Consulting helps clients solve the complex challenges that reside at the intersection of business operations and real estate; crafting unique strategies needed to thrive in competitive environments. Retail Consulting maximises value by understanding how the long-term performance of the retail portfolio is affected by customer demographics and retail infrastructure development.

Insight into customers, co-tenants, local market knowledge, and locations allow our clients to take control of performance across the portfolio.
Retailers examining the following issues frequently find our services useful:

Market presence

Create strategic roadmaps for growth, whether opening new stores, searching for new markets, or taking your concept across borders.

Decisive strategies

Speed up retail real estate decisions by providing a rational business case based on objective definitions and clearly established indicators for successful stores.

Portfolio performance

Formulate an action plan to reposition the portfolio where occupancy costs exceed acceptable levels for sales in a given location or prototype, realigning the portfolio for sales growth.

Brand building

Evaluate the potential benefits and impacts of Increasing the retail footprint by buying a competitor or new brand, including which outlets will be most valuable and rationalising overlapping or duplicate locations.

How We Can Help

Portfolio rationalisation

We help you understand the drivers between excellent and lacklustre store performance so that we can assist you in developing an action plan for poor-performing stores, stores that can be rehabilitated by improving operations, or markets where simply exiting is best.

Strategic roadmap

Our teams identify new markets for growth, research new formats and customer segments, and find the potential in novel shopping centre types. We help you strategise the scale, timing, and budget for expansion, whether regionally, nationally, or internationally.

Market planning

With our help, you can maximise impact, penetration, and revenues by coordinating and timing store openings. We can also help reduce costs and increase efficiency with multiple construction build outs, geographically centralised management of multiple stores, and servicing growth without straining supply chains.

Store sales prediction

We help you to understand the revenue potential of each individual location when considering the real estate costs and the location’s position within the context of the broader portfolio.

Acquisition and merger

We understand that not all existing stores will perform the same under the new brand. Overlapping and poor-performing stores will have to be closed and these costs should be incorporated into your strategic plan. We balance performance and revenue upsides against early exit and closure downsides, and look closely at pro forma options to make the best decisions for the portfolio. We can also identify and implement sublease opportunities.

Adding Value – Advantages Of Our Approach

Focus on executive decision support

Cushman & Wakefield’s Retail Consulting team thrives on mission critical situations, when decisions are high-profile and will affect employees, operating margins, and strategic objectives. We have significant experience framing client challenges, analysing secondary and primary data, uncovering key insights, developing alternative scenarios, creating compelling deliverables, and presenting findings at the C-Suite level.

Holistic approach

Our comprehensive, proprietary approach provides clients with analysis and insight across all relevant disciplines (psychographics, point-of-sale analysis, real estate) to create a custom solution for each particular requirements and considerations.

Experience and Resources

Our consultants have experience in retail marketing, market assessment, demographic analysis, financial modelling and accounting, and advanced statistics. Our team has helped numerous Fortune 500 companies achieve their operational, financial, and growth objectives.


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