Property Asset Management

Cushman and Wakefield's Property and Asset Management group helps institutional and individual owners maximise returns on real estate investments through value-added programs and superior management expertise. We take an “asset management” approach, directly supporting ownership’s financial and operational goals.

We offer a variety of services in areas such as building operations, tenant relations, and financial management. We also offer planning in the areas of energy/sustainability, EH&S (environmental health and safety), security, emergency planning, and project management.

C&W works with investors and owner-occupiers who wish to maximise the financial potential of their property assets. You may want to:

Develop solutions across the entire asset lifecycle

You want to maximise the value your asset from acquisition through management operations and eventual sale or re-finance. This requires a Property/Asset Management provider that can integrate purchase, due diligence, management, leasing, and construction, and sale or recapitalisation. You want a provider that can enhance the investment’s value by increasing revenue, minimising expenses, and maximising perceived asset value.

Focus on green initiatives

You may want to achieve LEED status or another form of recognition for your sustainability efforts.

Stabilise distressed assets

A timely, skilful and informed response is important in determining the optimal solution for troubled real estate holdings.

How We Can Help

Flexible, value-driven asset lifecycle approach

C&W is a best-in-class, full-service provider to investors across the lifecycle of ownership. We provide a full range of integrated services customised to each client’s specific needs in a flexible delivery plan, including the synergy of leasing and management services as well as acquisition, sales, or refinance expertise.

As managers, we work to grow asset value by ensuring stable tenancy (substantially reducing lost rent, commissions, and tenant improvement expenditures) through a high-touch tenant retention program.

C&W seeks out high-credit tenants, establishes optimal lease terms, and manages lease expirations. We maintain mechanical systems, inspect/maintain common areas, and ensure that measures meet standards.

We scrutinise all expense categories, including taxes, utilities, vendor contacts, staffing, and capital projects. We help you to determine a course of action, including using our national discount program to keep these expense categories under control.

Supporting sustainability

We are active in environmental/sustainable design. Our firm has partnered with several clients in achieving LEED certification up to Platinum level.

Distressed asset stability

We work to avoid economic and physical deterioration of assets in receivership or other transitional situations. Such solutions are developed to fully support a client’s business recovery strategy and short- and long-term property needs.

Adding Value – The Advantages Of Our Approach

Integrated, Quality Services
As a global firm, C&W offers a full complement of leasing, management, acquisition, sales, and other services, provided to each client through a tailored, flexible plan. We take a client-centric approach to uncovering and delivering the right solution to meet the investor’s strategy, whether a single service or multiple services are required over the lifecycle of the asset.

Ownership mentality

C&W’s management focus is on increasing the value of your asset. A customised strategic asset plan for your property will maximise value by generating greater cash flow through raising income, reducing expenses, and improving the capitalisation rate.

Expert staff empowered to use their sound judgment

Clients love our people because they are smart, strategic, and skilled, and have the experience to offer solid judgment on a day-to-day basis. They are supported by well-developed technology and processes.

A legacy in property management

C&W has assisted clients in achieving their financial goals since 1917. For almost one hundred years, we have been at the forefront of managing, maintaining, and sustaining property investments.

International reach

Through our market-leading global network, you will have access to proactive management professionals who understand local markets.

Tailored approach

At the end of the first 90 days of management, we present a strategic asset plan that summarises the major issues at your property, as well as our recommendations for strategic and tactical solutions.

Experience and Resources

Internationally, C&W has 253 offices in 60 countries providing Property/Asset Management services, all of which are connected through our service platform.

Case Studies

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