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Consulting helps clients solve the complex challenges that reside at the intersection of business operations and real estate. The Office Platform Solutions practice develops location, occupancy, footprint, and process redeployment strategies to enable clients to meet their workforce, operating, workplace, and cost-saving goals. We look at all facets of office lease and acquisition, including space and workforce efficiencies, rent levels, and brand management.

Companies facing any of the following circumstances may require location, occupancy, footprint, or process redeployment strategies:

A new or relocating operation

Your company may be considering relocating an existing operation to a new location, or establishing a new operation such as a shared service centre, call centre, or transaction processing.

A major lease event in the future

For major lease events, C&W Global Business Consulting can help define and measure alternative scenarios, ensuring a rational business case for executive review and approval.

A real estate or labour cost reduction imperative

If the C-Suite has established cost reduction targets, we can help drive savings through real estate and labour cost savings.

Inflexible or inefficient use of space

Your portfolio may possess significant vacancy, or is not able to effectively accommodate moves, adds, or changes.

Steep business unit growth

Your portfolio is not able to keep up with steep and/or variable headcount growth, leading to reactive portfolio planning and suboptimal solutions.

A mismatch between operations and rent levels

Your occupancy costs may be above market, or you may have transactional operations in Class A or other central business district space.
Sub-optimal Co-location of Business Units. Your portfolio may not accommodate business unit adjacencies and co-locations as well as necessary for optimal process execution or employee collaboration.

How We Can Help

Location strategies

We help clients identify the most favourable location for a new or relocating business operation, and also help clients understand the optimal national or global footprint for a collection of business operations.

Regional occupancy and footprint strategies

We partner with clients and our brokerage teams to develop alternative occupancy and footprint scenarios within a defined market area, define scenario evaluation criteria, measure the economic and non-economic impact of alternative scenarios, and create a business case for the optimal scenario.

Redeployment strategies

We help you identify candidates for relocation, and determine its financial feasibility. We partner with Human Resource teams to define workforce requirements and transition assumptions. If relocation is feasible, we create a location strategy to help your company understand the optimal location or locations for the vetted functions.

Cost modelling

We’re familiar with all the cost levers, including their usefulness and risk, available to executives across this terrain. Our sophisticated cost modelling techniques allow executives to understand alternative scenarios and potential solutions that will affect the metrics most important to your business.

Portfolio assessments

An analysis of your current corporate real estate portfolio can identify hidden opportunities to improve utilisation, consolidate operations, reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and align the portfolio with business operations. This also allows us foresight into scenarios that will change our team posture from reactive to proactive.

Adding Value – The Advantages Of Our Approach

A focus on executive decision support

Office Platform Solutions is a team of management consultants and analysts, who partner with our brokerage colleagues to enable clients to make the best investment decisions possible. We have significant experience framing client challenges, analysing secondary and primary data, uncovering key insights, developing alternative scenarios, creating compelling deliverables, and presenting findings at the C-Suite level.

A comprehensive approach

Traditional real estate decision models only account for direct real estate costs. Our comprehensive, proprietary approach provides clients with analysis and insight across all relevant disciplines (workforce, real estate costs, infrastructure, etc.), which enables clear line of sight into tradeoffs, leading to the solution that is optimal to your company’s particular requirements and considerations.


We’ve helped numerous Fortune 500 companies achieve their operational and financial objectives.


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