Infrastructure Consulting & Strategic Bid Advisory

India’s adoption of Public Private Partnership (PPP) strategies for economic growth and infrastructure development has led to various opportunities for the private sector to participate in such real estate - infrastructure projects.

The long implementation timeframe of projects of this nature makes it imperative to assess their economic and financial viability with a realistic assessment of market potential.

Partnership strategies vary from transit oriented (airports, railways, mass rapid transit systems, ports and bus terminals) development to regeneration of urban corridors (ring roads, sea links, suburban rail systems & bridges). Cushman & Wakefield’s development advisory expertise offers successful solutions to maximise achievable bids.

Corporate, developers, funding bodies, partnership ventures, infrastructure companies evaluating potential opportunities require assistance in:

Preparation of detailed project report and/or undertaking project due-diligence

Assessing the potential returns from project developments is essential not only to ascertain the viability of a project but also to provide the framework for successful implementation. Cushman & Wakefield is well placed to provide accurate inputs and analysis for assessing potential development opportunities.

Evaluating public private partnership (PPP) bid opportunities

In the case of PPP projects, successful bids are undertaken based on complete understanding of bid framework and associated market dynamics. Our team of professional are able to analyse the required framework and dynamics to provide bid strategy support for enabling successful bids.

How We Can Help

Infrastructure related development advisory

As the real estate market has expanded from its traditional domain to include a new segment of infrastructure related developments, accordingly our advisory services have adapted to encompass elements required to be analysed. Considering the long gestation period of infrastructure projects and consequent reliance on real estate segments to provide necessary cash in-flows, our expertise of understanding market dynamics, development impact assessment and financial analysis can be leveraged to provide detailed project reports and due-diligence.

Strategic bid advisory

This service offering involves providing market assessment, real estate segment analysis, benchmarking studies, financial analysis, pricing and positioning inputs, planning and design inputs along with relevant implementation strategies to provide end to end solutions for maximising returns from successful bids.

Integrated approach

Our team of professionals include real estate experts, architects and urban planners teaming up with experts from the core infrastructure consulting domain to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients. We have provided successful advisory in this domain over the past few years and are confident to taking this forward with improved information sourcing in the infrastructure domain to compliment our expertise in real estate.

Experience and Resources

Our consultants have experience in airport city side development, railway multi functional complexes, railway metro developments, ring road developments and bus terminal projects with intent to widen the hemisphere of our services. We have successfully advised clients/partners with both domestic and international presence.


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