The Occupier Edge - Autumn 2016

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This edition of the Occupier Edge features articles on high-tech drones and how real estate professionals can utilise them to maximize business efficiency and profitability. We cover best-practice on keeping employees safe against a terrorist threat, and discuss the globalization of e-commerce and how it is influencing real estate in a big way. 

Additional articles focus on the changing workforce at regional and national levels, the rise of solopreneurs, co-working and what these trends should mean to you. We also introduce fintech - the latest in digital disruption for the banking and financial services industry. 



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Hurdles Cross with “Eyes in the Sky”

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STEVEN E. QUICK           
Chief Executive,
Global Occupier Services               
JAMES MADDOCK                   

Head of Global Occupier
Services, EMEA          


Interim Chief Executive, APAC
Global Occupier Services