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Buildings contribute more to global warming than cars, trucks and buses combined, and consume large quantities of natural resources. Well-managed sustainability strategies not only reduce pressure on our resources, they also yield operational cost savings, healthier and more productive work environments, and more valuable assets.

For our clients and our own operations, C&W creates action plans and a program of continuous improvement to deliver sustainability strategies that make a positive impact on the environment, local communities, and the long term value of our clients’ assets.

To achieve sustainability objectives for our clients, C&W adopts a holistic approach to maximize cost savings, reduce energy consumption, and improve environmental sustainability. Rather than looking only at building infrastructure such as insulation, lighting and air conditioning, we examine how a building is operated in practice, the processes that are deployed to manage and maintain it, and how efficiently its space is used by assessing the maturity of a building’s management systems and processes. This exercise includes consideration of organizational structures, internal processes and overall management of facilities.

How C&W can help you

Property and portfolio strategy

Carbon has become the currency of the sustainability movement, impacting energy management, waste handling, air quality, environmental stewardship and a host of other sustainability issues. As energy usage is usually the largest portion of a building's operational cost, the drive to make buildings more energy efficient directly aligns with the desire to reduce the carbon footprint. As stewards of the built environment, C&W facility managers measure, monitor and reduce building- and workplace-related carbon emissions.

Quantitative and qualitative analysis produces a prioritized list of opportunities for reduction of emissions. The areas that are covered include.

  • Property strategy/portfolio optimization — matching accommodation to current and future business needs
  • Workforce transformation — improving staff mobility and flexibility of working practices to make the most efficient use of property
  • Supplier procurement rationalization and performance management — reaping the most value from a competent and innovative supply chain
  • Process and/or organization optimization — helping to maximize the benefits of increasingly outsourced service provision
  • Carbon management information systems — use of some commonly available IT systems to help provide ongoing reporting and insight into emissions and the impact of reduction initiatives
  • Building asset management — a detailed investigation into the efficiency of specific items of mechanical and electrical plant
  • We use drought tolerant, lower maintenance landscaping to reduce occupancy costs across portfolios through lighting, HVAC and plumbing retrofits to name a few things.
  • We assist in achieving green building certifications that demonstrate commitment to environmental stewardship through high ROI environmental initiatives. C&W in India is a member of ‘Indian Green Building Council’ (IGBC), an apex body in identification and implementation of green practices in India. As a member, C&W India helps in the process of creating policies and procedures to promote green practices in India. We have a considerable amount of experience in working on LEED Certified projects and have been part of some of India’s first LEED Certified projects over the last few years.
  • We incorporate sustainability criteria to acquisitions diligence and building audit process
  • We train building managers, employees and vendors on environmentally preferable property management practices
  • We build internal green programs for offices and operations that reflect the commitment clients have made across various portfolios.

Baseline assessments & tracking

Across a spectrum of sustainability metrics including energy, water, solid waste, and greenhouse gas emissions to measure progress towards client sustainability and financial goals, and to meet mandatory reporting requirements.

Operations & maintenance solutions 

To reduce a client’s environmental footprint and lower operational costs. We also identify resources and incentives to support the pursuit of these strategies, optimizing investment returns.

Energy management 

For both demand and supply side issues tailored to each client’s needs. These programs have reduced clients’ energy costs by 5 to 10% on average and include energy consumption analysis, on-site product and behaviour upgrades and participation in energy procurement and curtailment programs.

Product and service procurement

Advice on leading technologies, services and products to facilitate environmentally and fiscally sound selections, including renewable energy opportunities. Leveraged procurement strategies deliver both best pricing and quality of service to clients.

Tenant and occupant engagement guidance

To enhance cooperation between tenants and landlords and inspire action by all stakeholders.

Project management

We create sustainable building standards in the design and construction of new buildings and tenant fit-out projects, including LEED, GRIHA and IGBC Green Factory certifications. Through an integrated project delivery approach, C&W helps minimize costs during design and construction, and throughout the life of the project space.

Building Certification Feasibility for new development, including Greenfield, Brownfield construction and commercial Interiors. The study conducted at design stage of the project assesses the level of certification the design qualifies for and it also identifies the additional investment required to achieve higher level of LEED and other certifications.

Building Certification including LEED-USGBC, LEED-India, GRIHA and IGBC Green Factory. We have managed more than five million square feet of development achieving LEED certification. C&W was the

first real estate services firm to certify properties under the LEED Volume Certification Program in the United States and we are the only firm in Europe that has enrolled all of our managed properties with the BREEAM In-Use system. In India, C&W is an active member of IGBC (India Green Building Council) and contributes to industry and clients through various sustainability initiatives.

Transaction services

C&W’s guidance on site selection helps clients meet sustainability standards and goals. We work with clients to incorporate green lease provisions that allow tenants and landlords to equitably advance energy efficiency and other sustainability goals.

Valuation & Advisory

We provide research and advice to optimize the value proposition of green strategies by identifying and quantifying the feasibility, costs and benefits, and return implications of various green options with a goal of minimizing risk and maximizing longer-term asset and portfolio value. Services range from analyzing options at the individual property level, to comparing whole building strategies across a suite of projects, and formulating optimal finance strategies.

C&W’s Corporate Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

C&W leads by example through a commitment to reduce the environmental footprint of the buildings we occupy and manage, engaging our employees and clients in these efforts, and through thought leadership.

Leading by example 

As the only commercial real estate services firm to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the US EPA, we committed to publicly disclose our progress towards our 2012 emissions reduction goal. As a Champion Sponsor of the BOMA 7 Point Challenge, we have committed to reduce energy consumption levels of our managed portfolio to 30% below the national average.

Employees, education, and engagement 

We support focused education and training that keeps our workforce at the cutting edge of sustainability. C&W maintains knowledge and best-practice sharing networks including our Energy & Sustainability Task Force and specialty practice groups.

C&W in India is an active participant in regional practice groups that identify and disseminate information on current and state-of-the-art sustainability programs across the globe. This group also takes the lead in communicating with clients about their sustainability issues.

A robust Environment, Health and Safety policy is upheld in C&W in India. An EHS manual is made available for ready reference along with the client site policy. Environmentally friendly activities such as energy and power saving practices, paper saving techniques, recycling of material, etc are encouraged in all offices.

Thought leadership 

Serious engagement, partnering with technical experts, and taking part in industry dialogue to develop and mould legislation beneficial to the building industry are among our thought leadership priorities. C&W also provides client-focused education including seminars, market briefings, and industry publications.


C&W is recognized as an innovative leader in the field. Our clients’ properties have enjoyed top industry awards for green building and other sustainability achievements. We are honoured to have received awards from CoreNet Global, BOMA International, US EPA, and IFMA, among others, for our innovative programs, superior property and facility achievement, and commitment to advancing sustainability.

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